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XXL Leather-Bound Stone Chakra Blank Grimoire | Book of Shadows

XXL Leather-Bound Stone Chakra Blank Grimoire | Book of Shadows

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  • Size: 14" x 22"
  • Pages: 400 blank, handmade, linen parchment paper pages
  • Thickness: Approximately 4" thick

Presenting our most monumental grimoire size, meticulously tailored for mystics, witches, herbalists, and seekers of the arcane. This bewitching creation seamlessly fuses the timeless allure of India with the mystic arts, featuring a mesmerizing procession of 7 Chakra stones gracing its cover, each stone resonating with spiritual harmony and power.

Intricately embossed, no two covers are alike, imbued with the echoes of ancient wisdom. The edge and rear cover bear unique variations, celebrating the artistry of our craft. Slight variations in size only add to its distinctiveness, making each piece a true original.

This is not a book for the nomad but a coveted addition to your sacred space. With 400 blank pages of handmade, linen parchment paper, it yearns for your spells, incantations, and occult wisdom. When placed on your bookshelf, it commands attention, measuring just over 4 inches in thickness, with dimensions of 14 inches by 22 inches. Lovingly handcrafted from premium goat leather, it ensures your mystical legacy endures.

More than a book, it is a portal to your inner magic. Whether you are an occultist, witch, herbalist, or a seeker of the mystical, this grimoire is your faithful confidant, preserving your enchantments, elixirs, and arcane insights. Unleash your powers and inscribe your esoteric journey within these pages, unlocking the universe's enigmatic secrets.



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