Celebrating Ostara: Fun and Meaningful Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Children

Celebrating Ostara: Fun and Meaningful Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Children

As the snow melts and the first green shoots begin to poke through the thawing earth, families around the world prepare to welcome the spring equinox, in some traditions called Ostara. This ancient festival, celebrated on or around March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere, marks a time of balance between day and night, light and dark, and heralds the arrival of new life and growth. It's a perfect opportunity to engage with your kids in activities that not only entertain but also educate and connect them with the cycles of nature. Here are some joyful and meaningful ways to celebrate spring with your children:

kids planting seeds on ostara1. Plant Something Together

Spring is synonymous with growth and renewal, making Ostara the perfect time to start a garden with your kids. Our family tradition is to freshen up our drear winter garden with some fresh new annual flowers or our vegetable garden. Depending on where you live, this could also be herbs, a vegetable garden, or starting some seeds indoors. The act of planting seeds is a tangible way for kids to connect with the cycle of life and the essence of the equinox. If space is limited, container gardens or simple herb pots on a windowsill can be just as magical.

2. Create Nature Crafts

Embrace the spirit of rebirth and creativity by making nature crafts. Use this time to gather fallen leaves, petals, and sticks to create natural art. Birdhouses or feeders are wonderful projects that not only teach children about caring for animals but also about the importance of our feathered friends during spring. Decorating eggs, a symbol of fertility and new beginnings, can also be a fun and colorful activity.

3. Go on a Nature Walk

Take advantage of the changing season by going on a nature walk or hike with your children. Encourage them to observe the signs of spring: buds on the trees, flowers beginning to bloom, and animals emerging from their winter hideaways. Turn it into a scavenger hunt to make it even more engaging, with a list of spring signs to tick off during your adventure.

4. Read Spring-Themed Stories

Gather some books about spring, growth, and renewal to read with your children. Stories about animals coming out of hibernation, plants growing, and the changing seasons can be both educational and entertaining. This is also a wonderful way to wind down together after a day full of spring activities.

5. Make a Seasonal Meal Together

Cooking a meal with fresh, seasonal ingredients is a delicious way to celebrate Ostara. Involve your children in the process, from planning the meal with spring vegetables and herbs to preparing it together. You can also bake bread or cakes in the shape of spring symbols, such as flowers or bunnies, to add a festive touch to your celebration.

6. Make A Spring Basket

One of our family's traditions is to have the kids wake up to a spring basket on the Equinox. We include seed packets for the garden, crafts, kids gardening tools, sweets, bubbles and any other fun spring-themed things I happen to find at Michael's or Target.

7. Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude

Take some time to reflect on the themes of balance, renewal, and growth. Encourage your children to think about what they are grateful for and what they wish to grow in their own lives. This can be a powerful practice of mindfulness and gratitude, aligning with the spirit of the season.

Celebrating Ostara with your children offers a wonderful opportunity to connect more deeply with the natural world, to embrace the joy of new beginnings, and to cultivate a sense of wonder and gratitude for the Earth's cycles. Through these activities, not only do we teach our children about the significance of the equinox, but we also instill in them a lifelong appreciation for the rhythms of nature and the importance of living in harmony with our planet. Happy Ostara!

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