Thrice Round

Hello and welcome to Thrice Round, where the magical spirit of the world is captured within our offerings. Our name pays homage to the practice of tracing a circle three times when hallowing a compass or casting a circle, a ritual that seals intentions and creates a sacred space for magic to flourish. This essence of protection, intention, and sacred space is woven into the very fabric of our store, inviting you to explore the magical world within.


Our Products

Our collection stands as a vibrant testament to the diversity and depth of the magical community, showcasing exclusive Thrice Round creations alongside a broad spectrum of tools, decor, and seasonal offerings tailored for you, as a practitioner. From veils to Yule decorations, our range is designed to bewitch and empower.

The Witch Behind the Curtain


Ela is the curator, owner, and creator here at Thrice Round. Her practice as a Witch and Pagan has spanned nearly three decades. She lives in Texas and is originally from Canada. She is an artist and entrepreneur by trade, a wife, and a mum to two little witchlings.