Direct your intentions with our inspired crystal wands

Handmade in the USA, our popular crystal wands are perfect for effectively projecting your magical energy during spellwork. We offer a variety of specialized crystal combinations for focused workings.

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  • Witchy Mugs

    Warm up your morning brew in these unique witchy mug designs.

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  • Book of Shadows Pages

    Level up your Grimoire with some of our printable pages.

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  • Ritual Knives

    Browse our selection of quality blades for ritual and practical use.

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Your personal style of Witchery

Witchery in your daily mundane life

At Thrice Round we believe that every aspect of your life can be imbued with the power of your personal inner Witch.

  • Veiling as a Witch

    There are many reasons why a Witch may choose to wear a veil during both mundane life or magical practices. Shop our veil collection here.

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  • Yule Ornaments

    Decorate your home for the solstice with one of our unique and Witchy Yule ornaments.

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  • Handfasting Rituals

    Our downloadable printable Handfasting rituals can be fully customized to your needs and your own ritual or service.

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  • WITCH Collection

    Designed with minimalist simplicity and magickal color correspondences in mind, browse our WITCH collection and make a statement.

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Yule Giftwrap

Add some witchy flair to your wrapping paper this holiday season with our stunning, unique designs.

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