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City Witchery by Lisa Marie Basile

City Witchery by Lisa Marie Basile

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"City Witchery: Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis" by Lisa Marie Basile is a beautifully crafted guidebook for practicing witchcraft in the midst of the city. With her elegant and engaging writing style, Basile shares her extensive knowledge and experience, offering readers a rich tapestry of practices, rituals, and prompts that are specifically designed to help them tap into the unique energy of the urban environment and enhance their magical practice.

The book presents a range of approaches to witchcraft, from traditional practices to modern adaptations, making it a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned practitioners. Basile offers advice on creating sacred spaces in small apartments, working with the energy of city streets, and building connections with the elements of nature in an urban environment. She also includes a variety of exercises and prompts to help readers deepen their connection to their spiritual practice and the city around them.

"City Witchery" is a refreshing and inspiring guidebook that invites readers to explore the possibilities of magic in a bustling metropolis. Basile's passion for the craft is evident throughout the book, and her deep understanding of the intersections between witchcraft, urban living, and spirituality makes this book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to weave magic into their daily life.

A 5.95" x 8.25" Flexibound with 144 pages.

Publisher: becker&mayer! books


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