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Hand Carved Bone Runes | Water Buffalo Bone Norse Runes | Elder Futhark

Hand Carved Bone Runes | Water Buffalo Bone Norse Runes | Elder Futhark

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Set of 24 polished, hand-carved water buffalo bone Elder Futhark runes. Includes 1 blank rune.

Comes with a carry pouch.

Perfect for magick and divination.

The Norse Elder Futhark is a set of ancient Germanic runes that were used for writing, divination, and magick by the Vikings and other Germanic tribes. There are 24 runes in the Elder Futhark, each with its own meaning and symbolism.

The runes are believed to be a powerful tool for communicating with the gods and spirits, and they are often used for divination and magickal purposes.

In divination, the runes are used to gain insight into the past, present, or future, or to seek guidance from the gods. One popular method of divination is to scatter the runes on a cloth or table, and then interpret their meanings based on their position and relationship to each other.

In magick, the runes are used to enhance spells and rituals, or to create talismans and amulets for protection or other purposes. Each rune is associated with a specific energy or power, and could be used to invoke or direct that energy towards a particular goal.

A brief overview of their meanings:

  •     Fehu - Wealth, prosperity, abundance
  •     Uruz - Strength, physical power, health
  •     Thurisaz - Protection, defense, boundaries
  •     Ansuz - Communication, wisdom, inspiration
  •     Raidho - Journeys, travel, movement
  •     Kenaz - Knowledge, learning, creativity
  •     Gebo - Gifts, partnerships, generosity
  •     Wunjo - Joy, happiness, contentment
  •     Hagalaz - Disruption, chaos, transformation
  •     Nauthiz - Need, necessity, hardship
  •     Isa - Stillness, freezing, standstill
  •     Jera - Harvest, fruition, cycles
  •     Eihwaz - Stability, defense, connection to the divine
  •     Perthro - Mystery, secrets, fate
  •     Algiz - Protection, safety, connection to the divine
  •     Sowilo - Success, victory, power
  •     Tiwaz - Justice, honor, sacrifice
  •     Berkano - Growth, fertility, new beginnings
  •     Ehwaz - Movement, partnership, harmony
  •     Mannaz - Humanity, community, social connections
  •     Laguz - Water, intuition, emotions
  •     Ingwaz - Fertility, new beginnings, potential
  •     Dagaz - Light, clarity, breakthroughs
  •     Othala - Ancestral heritage, inheritance, property

In addition to the 24 runes listed above, there is also a blank rune, which is sometimes called the Wyrd rune or Odin's rune. It does not have a specific meaning on its own, but is used to represent the unknown or unexpected, or to indicate a need for interpretation beyond the literal meanings of the other runes.

The items offered here are intended for spiritual and decorative purposes only, and we do not guarantee any specific outcomes from their use.

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Customer Reviews

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Completely stunning runes. I have looked a long while for that spark but I felt it with this set when I saw them and even moreso once they arrived. There’s magic in them for sure, I’m excited to explore and learn with/from them. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to my witchy tools!


A great transaction! Would order again!


These runes were exactly what I was looking for and they also came with a velvet bag. Shipped fast with no problems. I would recommend buying from this seller.


Exactly as pictured. I love them!


Nicely made & I love the way they feel. Thank you, I've been waiting for a set like these for quite awhile. They're PERFECT ❣️

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