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Magical Oils | Magickal Oils | 2 Dram Bottles Assorted

Magical Oils | Magickal Oils | 2 Dram Bottles Assorted

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An assortment of oils used for magical purposes. Anoint candles, poppets, and other ritual tools to enhance your workings.  Made in USA by Foxcraft Oils.

Note these oils are not intended for consumption!

Our varieties include:

  • Egyptian Musk Oil Add power to your goals.
  • Tunisian Patchouli Oil Love and mastery
  • Peace n' Protection Oil to be safe and calm
  • Banishing Oil To keep negative words, thoughts and energy away.
  • Business Success Oil Enhances your goals in business ventures
  • Come To Me Oil call lovers, items, wealth and any other intent of attraction.
  • Dragon's Blood Oil Boosts all magical workings, especially protection
  • High John the Conqueror Oil Popular occult oil, promotes mental abilities & workings
  • Money Drawing Oil Bring money to you
  • Uncrossing Oil Remove curses, hexes, negativity, bindings.
  • Van-Van Oil For anointing, uncrossing and love.
  • Witch's Sight Oil Used for revenge
  • Attract Love Oil Attract love to your life.
  • Fast Money Bring money- fast!
  • Seven African Powers Invoke the sacred Orisha in your workings. Money drawing.

The items offered here are intended for spiritual and decorative purposes only, and we do not guarantee any specific outcomes from their use.

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Magical tools for your craft, including altar tools, ceremonial items, oils, and other witchcraft-related items.

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