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A Spirit Work Primer by Naag Loki Shivanath

A Spirit Work Primer by Naag Loki Shivanath

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Invocation, Evocation, Possession These words conjure forth feelings of unease and confusion for many magical practitioners, even today. This book, however, is a fantastic guide intended to shed some much-needed light on these often-misunderstood subjects. Within these pages, spirit worker and necromancer Naag Loki Shivanath serves as guide and teacher, taking all readers through a sophisticated yet highly practical system of spirit conjuration. If you've been interested in learning how to sharpen your spirit senses, safely practice spirit possession, work through spirit invocation and evocation, then this tome is the book you've been waiting for. 5.5" x 8.5" Paperback book with 200 pages.

Publisher: Crossed Crow Books

ISBN: 979-8985628104

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