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Tiger Eye rune set

Tiger Eye rune set

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If your seeking answers to your questions than runes might just be the divination tool for you. Combined with the amazing powers of Tigers Eye to activate that third chakras and help you remain grounded, calm and centered, regardless of what your doing. Each piece is under "1 and engraved with a gold toned runic alphabet letter. Comes with descriptions and a velveteen bag.


  • Element: Fire, Earth
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root
  • Zodiac Signs: Leo, Capricorn
  • Magical Intentions: Enhancing courage and self-confidence, Promoting abundance and prosperity, Providing protection and grounding, Balancing and energizing the body
  • Ritual Tools: Used in rituals for courage and success, Worn or carried for protection and luck
  • Healing Properties: Boosts self-esteem and willpower, Supports physical vitality, Aids in overcoming fears and anxieties
  • Folklore and Tradition: Associated with the tiger, symbolizing strength, Used in ancient cultures for protection and good fortune
  • Color Correspondence: Brown and gold tones associated with grounding, strength, and solar plexus chakra.


      •     Fehu - Wealth, prosperity, abundance
      •     Uruz - Strength, physical power, health
      •     Thurisaz - Protection, defense, boundaries
      •     Ansuz - Communication, wisdom, inspiration
      •     Raidho - Journeys, travel, movement
      •     Kenaz - Knowledge, learning, creativity
      •     Gebo - Gifts, partnerships, generosity
      •     Wunjo - Joy, happiness, contentment
      •     Hagalaz - Disruption, chaos, transformation
      •     Nauthiz - Need, necessity, hardship
      •     Isa - Stillness, freezing, standstill
      •     Jera - Harvest, fruition, cycles
      •     Eihwaz - Stability, defense, connection to the divine
      •     Perthro - Mystery, secrets, fate
      •     Algiz - Protection, safety, connection to the divine
      •     Sowilo - Success, victory, power
      •     Tiwaz - Justice, honor, sacrifice
      •     Berkano - Growth, fertility, new beginnings
      •     Ehwaz - Movement, partnership, harmony
      •     Mannaz - Humanity, community, social connections
      •     Laguz - Water, intuition, emotions
      •     Ingwaz - Fertility, new beginnings, potential
      •     Dagaz - Light, clarity, breakthroughs
      •     Othala - Ancestral heritage, inheritance, property


    The items offered here are intended for spiritual and decorative purposes only, and we do not guarantee any specific outcomes from their use.

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